The Provincial Home Loans Story

Provincial Home Loans was founded in 1991 by John Livermore. The strong, innovative sales and service culture on which Provincial Home loans has built its reputation began with John's own business ethos: honesty, integrity and value. Today, under the leadership of Managing Director Max Waller, Provincial is well-cemented throughout Australia. It has a sales force that is totally mobile, operates seven days a week and offers quality products from motivated financiers.
The value we bring to the market is in identifying our customers clearly, and they are not one group but three.
The first group are our borrowers who must expect and receive excellent service delivery with a minimum of fuss, along with well-priced and carefully tailored products.
The second group are our licensees, who, as independently operated businesses, provide Provincial Home Loans with our coverage and service levels.
The third group are very important because they are our strategic partners in delivering our products and services. They are of course the lenders, who can expect and receive the highest quality business, professionally prepared and delivered by state-of-the-art digital communications.
The progression of the group over the last two decades has seen the addition of a second service, Provincial Property Advocacy, a full property advisory service that provides customers with full coaching services to ensure the best results when buying, selling and leasing property.

Our competitive streak is alive and well. We live and die by our reputation, and offer value to our customers.








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