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Are you interested in joining a company that is creating a successful future in home lending?

'If the love of what you are doing exceeds the labour of doing it... success is inevitable.'
Bob Beers - leading US Mortgage Banker



At Provincial Home Loans we have a passionate belief in the ability of individuals to shape their own destiny. We believe that it is possible as a small business person to compete, and win, against the biggest business operators in Australia - the banks.


Being a part of the extended family of Provincial Home Loans is something special and we are there to help you, not to hold you back. After all, it's your business. What we are there for is to be the best business partner you can find. With experience, talent and strength to lend a hand where and when it is most needed.


At Provincial Home Loans we build success and loyalty through our passion for our business.



Why do you want to be a licensee?

There are two types of people that have been successful with Provincial Home Loans. The first are experienced well-known industry professional lenders, such as our Managing Director Max Waller. The others are passionate, charismatic, self-starters who have come to the industry with little or no experience and have put in the hard-work required to learn to be the best. We do not look for the second type of person because they find us.


The answer to the question 'Why do you want to be a licensee?' should be very easy: because you love the industry and you want to succeed.


Great remuneration is a key ingredient to creating a successful business environment. This is not just the amount, although the size of the payment is important, it is also about the timing of payments. We know what it is like to build a business from scratch: it takes money. And that is why:

  • We pay on time every time
  • We have a loyalty bonus scheme that rewards success
  • We have a simple and effective payment system
  • We have a 48-hour turnaround on approvals
  • We have guaranteed settlements
  • If we say we are going to do it, we do it

And we don't charge for our licenses! Other comparative organisations charge up to $35,000 for a license to operate under their agreements. But we don't, and it is part of our strategy, because we seek people who add value to our collective strength, not a cash flow injection. But your license isn't completely free - as a Provincial Home Loans Licensee we expect hard work and dedication. We have high standards for sales success. We also expect you to learn our simple system quickly and to contribute to your own success by developing plans and strategies: not just hoping it will happen but making it happen.


Quality Product

It's easy to be passionate and successful when you offer a quality product for your customers.


Key features of our products:

  • Major bank funded product at cutting edge pricing
  • Fee free product all the time
  • Loan accounts with 100% offset facilities for savings
  • E-commerce facilities

The other thing we do is constantly refresh and negotiate better arrangements. We have direct input with our banks to create changes to products that will help sales. That's our commitment.


We are accredited Originators with ANZ bank, Westpac, Pepper and FirstMac. We choose our banking partners wisely and regularly review our lending relationships to make sure that we are still with the market leaders. A good quality lending business is about integrity of purpose.


We provide industry know-how through our vast experience. Our Managing Director is one of the leading strategic thinkers in finance in this country and has years of hands-on sales experience.


In addition to operating a successful growth company in a competitive environment, the management team have performed motivational presentations, produced a long standing radio piece for commercial radio, and has cutting edge business technology systems experience.


How to apply

So if you believe you have what it takes to be a part of our inspired and successful team, we want to  hear from you. Tell us about yourself: your aspirations, desires, experience and what you would bring to the job.


Join partners who understand that it is the journey and not the destination that brings satisfaction and happiness to your work.



What our licensees have to say

'Anyone fortunate enough to read this has been approached by, or is interested in, Provincial Home Loans as a business opportunity. And what a business opportunity it is. Some of the many advantages include:

  • Back-up support from Provincial Home Loans
  • Quick payments plus on-going annuity that allow you to setup income for life. With no limit on your income stream you get out what you put in
  • A chance to run your own business

This opportunity will help anyone to achieve goals. I hope this helps make a good decision easier.'


Sue Stevens



'Provincial Home Loans are the best Mortgage Origination Company to be associated with because of their industry reputation and the incredible level of support they provide. One of the great things is that it is my business I am running. I make my own decisions and can develop the business to grow as I want. It is the best of both worlds.


With Provincial's innovative payment structure it is possible to operate my own business without an overdraft. The on-going monthly loyalty bonuses confirm the fact that my decision to become a licensee with Provincial Home Loans was the right one. With Provincial I have earned so much more than I could possibly have dreamt of earning in the banking system. And I am on track to increase my income each year.


Mortgage Origination is an exciting and evolving business. I am thankful for having this opportunity of a lifetime.'


Julianne Brewer