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"Provincial Home Loans took the time to explain our finance options which made it so easy in deciding what was right for us. They handled the whole process from beginning to end, thank you Provincial."


-Suzie and Matthew

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"Thank you Provincial, your patience and continued guidance in helping us locate, successfully buy and finance our first investment property was 100% service all the way."


-Ashish and Jo


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"Danni was completely upfront and honest about all our options, good and bad. She walked us through all of the complex details and made sure we never felt overwhelmed or lost by explaining everything clearly and simply. Best of all, she never tried to push us into a one-size-fits-all solution. It was such a relief to have someone we could have absolute trust in during such a stressful time. So thank you Dannielle, for all your advice, honesty and for really taking the time to get to know exactly what we wanted. Most of all, thank you for getting us into our first home."


-Carla Jones

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"Danni gave great advice and lent her expertise to all areas of my property purchase including developing the best strategy for my lifestyle, identifying suitable properties and coordinating finance. The end result is a fantastic apartment in the perfect neighbourhood. Thanks Danni!"


-Dr. Andrew Sutherland


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"Love your work Peter, nothing's too hard for you."

-Dion Hayes


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"Your service is outstanding, very efficient, customer focused and communications is very good. The Provincial team makes something that is very personal business. They offer high level of trust and assurance to the whole process."
-Terry-Lyn Stevens

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"Max and Danni did a fantastic job providing my wife and i with all the right information including what we could borrow, what we could afford as well as outstanding advice as to what to take into consideration when buying a property. As a result, on the day, we were able to make a calm, (relatively) unemotional decision to buy. For all this their service is absolutely invaluable and I will recommend them to anyone who will listen. Well done guys!!!"

-Scott Ferguson

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"Following Jason’s advice and direction, we consolidated our debt and improved our cash flow. With this new finance arrangement we have more breathing space (financially) and can plan ahead for our home renovation. We would recommend Jason to anyone needing financial advice."


-Domi Cordoba & Alicia de la Pena







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